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700 mph in a tube: The Hyperloop Experience

These ESL lesson plans are for adults and teens about the Hyperloop, and can be used with pre-intermediate to advanced students. Students watch a video and do a listening exercise about the Hyperloop. It includes discussion questions and conversation activities about modern travel and transportation. Students also learn some important vocabulary terms and expressions related to transportation. In the cooperation activity students do interviews and speak about travel. The lesson comes with grammar exercises on the difference between can / could, using adverbs, and the passive tense.

Inside Uber's Self-Driving Car

Pittsburgh's mayor says that innovation always comes before regulation, and he wants to give Pittsburgh the chance to become a leader in the field of automotive innovation. Meet a self-driving Uber - a car that could revolutionize transport as we know it.

Our ride in a self-driving Uber

Uber comes to Pittsburgh with an innovative twist to the car-sharing economy - self-driving cars. Why Pittsburgh? How does a self-driving car work? How far away are we from this becoming a normal thing? How do Uber drivers feel about this? Hop in a ride and check out the answers with a CNN reporter and the director of Uber Advanced Technologies.

Self-Driving Car Test: Steve Mahan

Hop in a self-driving Google car with Steve Mahan, a blind man who gets to enjoy the luxury of riding in a self-driving car as a "driver." Explore the benefits of this type of technology and what the future of automobile transportation holds for society.

An E-Bike With a Retro Feel

American start up, Vintage Electric, is determined to create hand-made electric bikes in the land where the car is king. The company wants to take a stand against planned obsolescence, designing timeless products that are built to last for generations.

10 Tips: How to Survive a Long Flight

We all love travelling but long flights can be a drag. Learn what you can do in order to enhance your overall experience with two guys who know best.

Can Our Minds Handle a Mission to Mars?

Big plans to colonize Mars are already in the making. However, one important question needs to be analyzed - Will humans be able to psychologically sustain such a challenging mission?

AirBnB Targets Business Travelers

AirBnB is now stepping up their game to focus more on business travelers, which has consequently created some friction with the hotel industry. Hotel owners argue that AirBnB doesn’t face the same level of regulation as they do. How do your students prefer to travel?

Jumbo Drone that Carries Humans

The E-hang 184 is a pretty cool toy that your students will enjoy learning about. A big drone integrated with self-pilot functionality, and allows you to simply hop in and go. Learn about what else makes it different from a helicopter.

Space Hotels Aren't Sci-Fi Anymore

Imagine looking down at planet Earth from a bedroom in space. Sounds like a sci-fi story, but Robert Bigelow, a real estate mogul, is serious about getting the first space hotels up and running.