Sports & Action

Meet the World's Oldest Hockey Player

Meet Mark Sertich. At 95 years old, he maintains his physical health to a level that still allows him to play hockey with the younger guys. Follows his daily routine, and is always ready to get on the ice with the firefighters in the local community. An awesome character who your students will love.



Women's World Football Games

Who says women can’t play football? Meet the female pioneers expanding the game to their own gender. Teach your students a little bit about the game of American football and get a conversation going about differences in male and female social roles.


What's it like to live in Green Bay and hate the Packers?

Check out and share with your students what life is all about under the green and gold skies of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Are your students as crazy about their sports team as these cheese-heads?


Wheelz in the Air: Hitting the Skatepark on a Wheelchair

Aaron Fotheringham is a true legend, known as the godfather of WCMX. A young man with a great positive attitude, and isn’t afraid to go out on his wheelchair and rip it in the local skate park. Ever seen a backflip on your wheelchair? Your students probably haven’t either.


Shredding the World's Highest Sand Dunes on Skis

An interesting twist to the sport of skiing. Two professional Swedish skiers who hunt out spots and document their adventures shredding it up in the sand. Sounds like a pretty fun job.


The Best Female Rock Climber in the World is 14

A short but sweet video featuring an inspiring young star, who can climb walls faster than anyone you know. Most people are just shocked watching this 14 year girl climb, and your students will be too.


Soccer and World Cup Brings Worlds Together

The World Cup of soccer is such a great global event not only because of the sport, but also because it builds intercultural bonds between people. Aziz Abu Sarah shows how race, religion, and language don't matter when it's time to play the world's most popular game.



How to Become a Pro Soccer Player

As a boy, Nick Humphries dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player, but he faced a big challenge - he didn't even make the cut for his region's squad. Although he didn't make the team, he kept imagining what it must be like to play in the big leagues which pushed his will to succeed. With hard work, dedication, and passion he turned his dream into a reality.


US soccer: Will Americans ever care about football?

Soccer is known to be the 'world's most popular sport.' Ever wonder why this isn't true in the USA? Teach your students about the evolution of American football compared to soccer and what differentiates it the most from soccer. Does soccer have a bright future in the US and will it ever be able to 'dethrone' American football?


Little League Baseball Transforms America's Most Dangerous City

Welcome to Camden, New Jersey - known as the most dangerous city in the USA. Bryan Morton, a resident of Camden, grew up and went through a big life struggle as a teenager - he used to deal drugs and then had to spend years in prison. When he got out, he wanted to give something positive back to the community. So he started a baseball league to help lead children away from crime and down a different path than his own. Share and enjoy this inspirational lesson with your students.