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Meet the World's Oldest Hockey Player

Meet Mark Sertich. At 95 years old, he maintains his physical health to a level that still allows him to play hockey with the younger guys. Follows his daily routine, and is always ready to get on the ice with the firefighters in the local community. An awesome character who your students will love.


In This Class You Eat Ice Cream

The Penn State University creamery is a leader in the ice cream industry and even offers a course taught by Dr. Bob Roberts, who is the brain behind our most favorite ice cream brands.


700 mph in a tube: The Hyperloop Experience

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to travel on land at the speed of an airplane? Get to know Hyperloop Technologies and educate your students on their plans to revolutionize travel as we know it.


What Is Bitcoin & How Does It Work?

Many people have heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency but some are still a little unclear about how exactly it works. Educate your students on it using this short, but very clear, breakdown on the ins and outs of cryptocurrency. A hot topic today that will definitely stir up some good conversation about the evolution and future of money.