Fun & Entertainment

The Singing Trump: Trump Impersonator on America’s

This guy is just a riot. Guaranteed to make your students crack up and just an overall great and funny experience to do in the classroom. Neither you or your students should miss what this Trump impersonator does on the stage in front of millions.


Meet The Man Who Beat PacMan

With nothing but cockiness and confidence, Billy Mitchell achieved perfection in one of the most iconic video games of all time, Pacman. Not even the designer of the game conceived this to be possible. See what happens when Billy reaches the end.


Straight Outta Compton: Inside Look

The pioneers of gangster rap, Ice Cube and NWA express what life was like in Compton, California through controversial lyrics in the early 1990’s. Has anything changed today?


Smoothini: Magician on America’s Got Talent

Smoothini describes himself as ‘The Ghetto Houdini”. A charming guy who was formerly in the marines but now does magic full-time to support his son. Watch him go on the big stage and blow people’s minds with his simple ‘bar’ magic.


"It's a-me, Mario!" - Voice Actor for Mario

“Lets-a go!” “Mamma Mia!” Some people recognize this voice immediately, as countless hours have been spent adventuring inside the world of Super Mario for Nintendo. Meet the guy with the legendary voice of Mario and how he got the gig in the first place.


Cute Surfing Dogs!

Welcome to the 7th annual 'Dog Surfathon' which is a fun event designed for all different breeds but who have one thing in common - they are surfing dogs! A fun lesson that will give your students the chance to talk about dogs & pets in detail and even learn some extra, useful vocabulary terms related to them.




What does life look like with a new puppy? This guy finds and falls in love with a puppy in a heartbeat, picks him up, takes him home and begins his new life in 'Puppyhood.' We all talk to our puppies and pets - but like this guy? Find out how your students interact with their pets.


Humans Are A Dog's Best Friend

You know how the saying goes - 'Dogs are man's best friend.' But does this hold true the other way around? Find out from the perspective and thoughts of a dog with your students. Apparently humans overcomplicate everything!


Dreamville at Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is a huge music festival in Belgium. In this video, you get to hear from one of the event organizers about what it takes to set everything up and see what kind of people visit the event. Have your students heard about Tomorrowland?



How to organize a music festival like Tomorrowland

A CNN reporter explores the wild and luxurious atmosphere of Tomorrowland, one of Europe's largest music festivals. From the 'cave stage' to 'Dreamville', Tomorrowland offers it's guests a truly one-of-a-kind experience.


Tomorrowland - A Premium Music Festival Experience

This video shows you what a premium music festival looks like. It'll blow your students' mind what luxuries, amenities, products, and services you can find at Europe's largest electronic dance music festival. A great summertime lesson that makes a fun classroom discussion topic.