700 mph in a tube: The Hyperloop Experience

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to travel on land at the speed of an airplane? Get to know Hyperloop Technologies and educate your students on their plans to revolutionize travel as we know it.



Meet the World's Oldest Hockey Player

Meet Mark Sertich. At 95 years old, he maintains his physical health to a level that still allows him to play hockey with the younger guys. Follows his daily routine, and is always ready to get on the ice with the firefighters in the local community. An awesome character who your students will love.



In This Class You Eat Ice Cream

The Penn State University creamery is a leader in the ice cream industry and even offers a course taught by Dr. Bob Roberts, who is the brain behind our most favorite ice cream brands.



What Is Bitcoin & How Does It Work?

Many people have heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency but some are still a little unclear about how exactly it works. Educate your students on it using this short, but very clear, breakdown on the ins and outs of cryptocurrency. A hot topic today that will definitely stir up some good conversation about the evolution and future of money.



Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

Electronic vaping has become a billion dollar industry. BBC explores the reality behind this new, hot trend. In this video your students will hear from a couple experts on the matter.


Hanson Robotics: Sophia - AI Human-like Robot Awakens

In this video you get to meet Sofia, a real humanoid robot, and one of her creators from Hanson Robotics. Sofia awakens and has a short, but philosophical conversation with her creator. In this lesson, you find out what kinds of questions your students would ask a humanoid robot and what they think about this advanced technology. 


An E-Bike With a Retro Feel

American start up, Vintage Electric, is determined to create hand-made electric bikes in the land where the car is king. The company wants to take a stand against planned obsolescence, designing timeless products that are built to last for generations.


Czech businessman leads vinyl revival

The recent boom in vinyl record was an unforeseen development in a music industry ever changed by downloads and internet sales. When most factories switched to CDs in the 1990s, Zdenek Pelc believed in the material enough to hold onto his machinery and staff.


Breeding the World's Hottest Pepper

A hot lesson for your students about 'Smokin' Ed Currie and his prized possession - The Carolina Reaper. This is literally the hottest pepper in the world, breaking records on the Scoville Heat Unit scale. This thing looks just downright scary. Your students are sure to get a kick out of this one.


Blockbuster Video Has Become An Alaskan Tourist Attraction

Blockbuster - the biggest video rental chain in the US was a big part of American culture back in the 80's, with thousands of stores making big profits across the country. When digital streaming came along, Blockbuster was forced into bankruptcy, but that doesn't mean it was completely wiped from the map. Show your students one of the last ones standing in Alaska!


The Science Behind the Impossible Burger

A burger that looks, smells, tastes, and even "bleeds" like a beef burger, but made entirely from...plants? That's impossible, right? Well - not exactly. The Impossible Burger is a trendy plant-based burger now on the market, which creates the same exact sensory experience as eating a normal burger.


What happens to your social media when you die?

There are over 2 billion users on Facebook today. Social media continues to grow and evolve, and one of the next steps in the evolution has become "dead social" - a network that lets you program what happens to your online digital legacy beyond the grave. One woman even created an online "chat bot" of her friend, allowing her to communicate with her friend after he passed away! Find out what your students think about this.


It's not you. Commuting is bad for your health.

Let's face it - we all know commuting isn't much fun and can be really stressful. Anyone who commutes long distances regularly knows how big of an impact it has on your lifestyle, but so many of us still continue to do it. How can we make the most of our daily commutes to work and school? This topic is guaranteed to bring a lot of interesting opinions, ideas, experience, and discussion from your students.


Soccer and World Cup Brings Worlds Together

The World Cup of soccer is such a great global event not only because of the sport, but also because it builds intercultural bonds between people. Aziz Abu Sarah shows how race, religion, and language don't matter when it's time to play the world's most popular game.



How to Become a Pro Soccer Player

As a boy, Nick Humphries dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player, but he faced a big challenge - he didn't even make the cut for his region's squad. Although he didn't make the team, he kept imagining what it must be like to play in the big leagues which pushed his will to succeed. With hard work, dedication, and passion he turned his dream into a reality.


US soccer: Will Americans ever care about football?

Soccer is known to be the 'world's most popular sport.' Ever wonder why this isn't true in the USA? Teach your students about the evolution of American football compared to soccer and what differentiates it the most from soccer. Does soccer have a bright future in the US and will it ever be able to 'dethrone' American football?


Little League Baseball Transforms America's Most Dangerous City

Welcome to Camden, New Jersey - known as the most dangerous city in the USA. Bryan Morton, a resident of Camden, grew up and went through a big life struggle as a teenager - he used to deal drugs and then had to spend years in prison. When he got out, he wanted to give something positive back to the community. So he started a baseball league to help lead children away from crime and down a different path than his own. Share and enjoy this inspirational lesson with your students.



Will Smith Tries Online Dating with Sophia the Robot

Will Smith seems to have a special attraction to Sophia the humanoid robot, so much that he takes her on a romantic date to the Cayman Islands. Things get awkward when wine, jokes, and the atmosphere of the island air get to Will Smith's head, and he decides to go in for the kiss. See how Sofia reacts.


We Talked To Sophia — The AI Robot

A correspondent from Business Insider gets to meet Sofia for the first time, and he has some questions for her about her feelings, preferences, humans, as well as the hit TV series Black Mirror and Westworld. On the surface, Sofia seems to be a nice, caring, and compassionate humanoid robot. See if your students think the same.


Inside the College for Weed Entrepreneurs

Whoever thought the day would come where you could study marijuana in college? Take your students inside 'Oaksterdam University' where you learn about and discuss a range of marijuana-related topics as well as what exactly goes on inside a school like this.


Cute Surfing Dogs!

Welcome to the 7th annual 'Dog Surfathon' which is a fun event designed for all different breeds but who have one thing in common - they are surfing dogs! A fun lesson that will give your students the chance to talk about dogs & pets in detail and even learn some extra, useful vocabulary terms related to them.




What does life look like with a new puppy? This guy finds and falls in love with a puppy in a heartbeat, picks him up, takes him home and begins his new life in 'Puppyhood.' We all talk to our puppies and pets - but like this guy? Find out how your students interact with their pets.


Humans Are A Dog's Best Friend

You know how the saying goes - 'Dogs are man's best friend.' But does this hold true the other way around? Find out from the perspective and thoughts of a dog with your students. Apparently humans overcomplicate everything!


Dreamville at Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is a huge music festival in Belgium. In this video, you get to hear from one of the event organizers about what it takes to set everything up and see what kind of people visit the event. Have your students heard about Tomorrowland?



How to organize a music festival like Tomorrowland

A CNN reporter explores the wild and luxurious atmosphere of Tomorrowland, one of Europe's largest music festivals. From the 'cave stage' to 'Dreamville', Tomorrowland offers it's guests a truly one-of-a-kind experience.


Tomorrowland - A Premium Music Festival Experience

This video shows you what a premium music festival looks like. It'll blow your students' mind what luxuries, amenities, products, and services you can find at Europe's largest electronic dance music festival. A great summertime lesson that makes a fun classroom discussion topic.


Self-Driving Car Test: Steve Mahan

Hop in a self-driving Google car with Steve Mahan, a blind man who gets to enjoy the luxury of riding in a self-driving car as a "driver." Explore the benefits of this type of technology and what the future of automobile transportation holds for society.



Our ride in a self-driving Uber

Uber comes to Pittsburgh with an innovative twist to the car-sharing economy - self-driving cars. Why Pittsburgh? How does a self-driving car work? How far away are we from this becoming a normal thing? How do Uber drivers feel about this? Hop in a ride and check out the answers with a CNN reporter and the director of Uber Advanced Technologies.


Inside Uber's Self-Driving Car

Pittsburgh's mayor says that innovation always comes before regulation, and he wants to give Pittsburgh the chance to become a leader in the field of automotive innovation. Meet a self-driving Uber - a car that could revolutionize transport as we know it.



A Valuable Lesson for a Happier Life

A professor demonstrates a thought experiment on life and happiness to a class of college students during a Philosophy 101 course. All it takes is a jar, golf balls, pebbles, sand, and yes, beer. Explore what happiness means with your students and how to live a happy life.


Belgian Brewery Builds Beer Pipeline

Yes, you read it right. The medieval town of Bruges, Belgium is a popular tourist destination with great beer - beer which can now be tapped out of a two-mile long pipeline built beneath the cobbled streets of the town. Introduce your students to Xavier Vanneste, the brewery owner behind this crazy project.


Straight Outta Compton: Inside Look

The pioneers of gangster rap, Ice Cube and NWA express what life was like in Compton, California through controversial lyrics in the early 1990’s. Has anything changed today?


"It's a-me, Mario!" - Voice Actor for Mario

“Lets-a go!” “Mamma Mia!” Some people recognize this voice immediately, as countless hours have been spent adventuring inside the world of Super Mario for Nintendo. Meet the guy with the legendary voice of Mario and how he got the gig in the first place.


3D Printing: Make anything you want

3D printing is perhaps the hottest technological phenomenon of current times. Teach your students about both the benefits and dangers of 3D printing - from making organs and body parts to making assault rifles and gun parts. What would your students build if they had a 3D printer?


Women's World Football Games

Who says women can’t play football? Meet the female pioneers expanding the game to their own gender. Teach your students a little bit about the game of American football and get a conversation going about differences in male and female social roles.


What's it like to live in Green Bay and hate the Packers?

Check out and share with your students what life is all about under the green and gold skies of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Are your students as crazy about their sports team as these cheese-heads?


Wheelz in the Air: Hitting the Skatepark on a Wheelchair

Aaron Fotheringham is a true legend, known as the godfather of WCMX. A young man with a great positive attitude, and isn’t afraid to go out on his wheelchair and rip it in the local skate park. Ever seen a backflip on your wheelchair? Your students probably haven’t either.


Shredding the World's Highest Sand Dunes on Skis

An interesting twist to the sport of skiing. Two professional Swedish skiers who hunt out spots and document their adventures shredding it up in the sand. Sounds like a pretty fun job.


The Best Female Rock Climber in the World is 14

A short but sweet video featuring an inspiring young star, who can climb walls faster than anyone you know. Most people are just shocked watching this 14 year girl climb, and your students will be too.


Animated History of Coca-Cola

An interesting animated short video about the birth of Coca-Cola back in the last year of the 19th century. This video then goes through the early years of America’s most popular soft drink and how it’s evolved into what it is today.


Supersize Me - Obesity In America (first 5 minutes)

Supersize Me is an educational documentary analyzing fast-food culture in the USA and McDonald’s immense role in this culture. Discuss this important topic with your students and compare the situation to how it is their home country. What do they think about fast-food in the USA?


How to Create the Perfect Philly Cheesesteak

Teach your students the science of the Philadelphia cheesesteak using Tony Luke’s secret formula.


Nonna's of the World: Restaurant Concept in NYC

There can be many hidden restaurant gems in NYC, and the Enoteca Maria in Staten Island is one of them. Get to know the guy behind this awesome concept who only employs grandmothers from all over the world to cook for the customers. I mean, who doesn’t love grandma’s cooking?


Meet the Pilot: Smart Earpiece Language Translator

As technology gets better, so does translation. This short video tells the story of man who had trouble communicating with a French girl, inspiring him to develop a smart earpiece which can translate languages in real-time. A great topic for language lessons and generates great philosophical conversation.


Contact Lenses with Augmented Reality

With Google Glasses making headlines in the tech-world the past few years, this video takes a glimpse a few steps forward into our future. Will we be safe from our own technology? Let your students decide.


Introducing Amazon Go: The Future Grocery Store

Grocery shopping just got a whole lot better. Open up your app, fill up your cart, and walk out of there without waiting in line. Amazon’s technology can keep track of any items you decide to take off or put back on the shelf. Talk about shopping made easy.


Smoothini: Magician on America’s Got Talent

Smoothini describes himself as ‘The Ghetto Houdini”. A charming guy who was formerly in the marines but now does magic full-time to support his son. Watch him go on the big stage and blow people’s minds with his simple ‘bar’ magic.


A Highway that Charges Your Electric Car

Even though electric cars have made a big boom on the market, still one consumer fear remains - running out of battery while you’re driving. This has sparked discussion about constructing highways which can charge your electric vehicle as you drive. Is it feasible?


Space Hotels Aren't Sci-Fi Anymore

Imagine looking down at planet Earth from a bedroom in space. Sounds like a sci-fi story, but Robert Bigelow, a real estate mogul, is serious about getting the first space hotels up and running.


Jumbo Drone that Carries Humans

The E-hang 184 is a pretty cool toy that your students will enjoy learning about. A big drone integrated with self-pilot functionality, and allows you to simply hop in and go. Learn about what else makes it different from a helicopter.


AirBnB Targets Business Travelers

AirBnB is now stepping up their game to focus more on business travelers, which has consequently created some friction with the hotel industry. Hotel owners argue that AirBnB doesn’t face the same level of regulation as they do. How do your students prefer to travel?


Can Our Minds Handle a Mission to Mars?

Big plans to colonize Mars are already in the making. However, one important question needs to be analyzed - Will humans be able to psychologically sustain such a challenging mission?


10 Tips: How to Survive a Long Flight

We all love travelling but long flights can be a drag. Learn what you can do in order to enhance your overall experience with two guys who know best.


The Wild World of Mushroom Hunting

Two big-time mushroom fanatics show you what it’s like to be a real mushroom hunter! This guy actually has dreams about wild mushrooms and describes the experience as an unbelievable rush. Perhaps your students are from a mushroom picking culture?


This Couple Lives on a Bus

With the increasing cost of living in big cities like Chicago, young professionals are looking for alternative living solutions that can save them money and provide them a simpler way of life. Andy and Julie did exactly that and turned an old school bus into their home.


I'm a Graffiti Artist

There can often be some hard stereotypes against graffiti artists, but Boris from Bulgaria isn’t afraid to break these stereotypes and express his artistic freedom through the spray can.


Esports: The New Jocks on Campus

Robert Morris University is the first to offer scholarships to top video gamers. While many people see video gaming as just a hobby, others say that it takes a lot of hard work to become a good gamer.


Meet The Man Who Beat PacMan

With nothing but cockiness and confidence, Billy Mitchell achieved perfection in one of the most iconic video games of all time, Pacman. Not even the designer of the game conceived this to be possible. See what happens when Billy reaches the end.


The Singing Trump: Trump Impersonator on America’s

This guy is just a riot. Guaranteed to make your students crack up and just an overall great and funny experience to do in the classroom. Neither you or your students should miss what this Trump impersonator does on the stage in front of millions.


What is Happiness?

It's a question we all come across at some point in our lives, or maybe we even ask ourselves this question every day, however we may have some misconceptions about how we achieve happiness. Explore the essence of happiness with your students and what they think it means.